The DEC doesn’t joke about Comedy!

Live Comedy in Idaho Falls is no joke. The DEC – Downtown Event Center is reinvigorating the Comedy scene in Southeast Idaho.  Enjoy good laughs in an upscale environment.  Live Comedy at the DEC provides not only a great opportunity to spend a night out in Downtown Idaho Falls but a clean entertainment option to give that final push to get to the weekend. The First Thursday of every month should be blocked out in every Southeast Idaho calendar.

The owner of the DEC, Jake Durtschi, discusses the decision to bring Live Comedy to the DEC and how it provides an appealing, upscale entertainment option to residents of Southeast Idaho. As if you needed more convincing to treat yourself and those you love to an evening of laughter, check out what there is to do downtown before the show.

What else is going on Downtown Idaho Falls?

Downtown Development Corporation is not just spearheading the restoration of Downtown Idaho Falls, they are sponsoring events throughout the year. St. Patty’s Day, Oktoberfest, and a brew celebration for each season are just a few of the entertainment options.  This year the DDC just added a Rent the Runway event that displayed some really great product from the clothes shops downtown. Come downtown to check out the new street corners, updated buildings, and the huge upgrade to the Broadway sidewalks and landscaping. Take a stroll down any of the historic streets and discover hidden plaques detailing the story of various buildings downtown. Street art, boutiques, and walking tours are an awesome experience. There are a plethora of restaurants to choose from.

Speaking of Restaurants

I Hate Parking Downtown Idaho

This is the most common myth we have to dispell. Most residents of Idaho Falls don’t realize that the distance between Memorial drive along the green belt and Yellowstone highway is approximately the same as Macy’s to Dillards. The main difference is the walk downtown is much more scenic! Check out this map for detailed information on parking downtown and check out Downtown Park IF for additional information. Another common misunderstanding is private parking lots. Most residents don’t know that parking lots displaying the intimidating “WE WILL TOW IF YOU PARK HERE” signs are only enforced before 6 pm on weekdays.

What Else Can I do Downtown?

Other than the obvious, sitting down for a meal, try checking out the escape rooms. Escape rooms are a growing source of entertainment throughout the United States. Make an appointment beforehand to ensure you can get in. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, so you don’t miss out on Comedy Night. If you’re into the finer things in life try checking out the Museum of Idaho, The Artitorium, or Art Museum.

Nightlife Downtown Idaho Falls?

If you’re like most people, there is a void missing in your life once Comedy Night has ended. We get it, there are very few things as fulfilling as laughing constantly for 90 minutes. Try visiting any of these establishments to occupy your time while you wait an entire other month for Comedy Night:



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