Wedding Hair Do’s and Don’ts

Two of the most pivotal aspects to a bride on her big day are her dress and her hair. Both are going to be captured for all time in the wedding photos that will be looked back on by you, your children, and maybe even their children. The last thing you want your wedding legacy to have is a lackluster hairstyle. While you can save money by doing it yourself, you may not save yourself the heartache and regret of not hiring a professional that will provide you the amazing hairstyle that will stand the test of time.


To begin with, hire a pro.  There are some things that are worth paying for and the expertise of a professional hairstylist for your wedding is one of them. An experienced stylist has worked through hundreds of weddings.  They’ll know what works specifically for you.  None of us look the way we think we do.  You might think that you can pull off that style you saw on Pinterest.  Think again because you may be able to do better with a little help from a pro.


The bride you see on Pinterest can’t have the same facial shape that you do, the same eyes, nose, etc.  Facial shape is what defines the hairstyle.  Just because someone you see looks good with a particular hairstyle doesn’t mean you will.  Besides, how do you know that the bride even has that face?  She may have part of it or she might have a face that’s been so reworked for that image that it isn’t even really hers anymore.


An advantage of going to a pro is that you have an objective person to reference. It’s their job to make you look the best you can on your wedding day.   Their reputation rides on your happiness.  Brides get caught up in the menagerie of opinions from friends, relatives, and parents.  Soon the whole thing is out of control.  It’s your day.  You’re wedding and appearance can’t be the result of a committee vote.  Take control and be in charge.  Make sure that your hair makes you look better than anyone else. The bridesmaids will have or have had their day.  Today is all about you.


A lot of couples have a short engagement.  Once you’ve accepted the proposal get on it and secure the services of a hair professional.  If you don’t, you may have slim pickings.  Hair professionals are typically booked months in advance.  You want to have your choice of a hairdresser.  Another thing is that hairstylists will recruit help to work on a wedding.  They need time to handpick people to help them.  There’s more than just the bride’s hair to look after.  Your entire entourage must be taken care of.


Try getting a trial makeover two to three months in advance of your wedding.  This might seem a bit early but think about it.  If you try something and it doesn’t pan out, you’re in good shape.  You have time to try something else long before the wedding. Haul ALL your hair accessories into the trial appointment so your pro can see what you’re after and doesn’t get blindsided the day of the ceremony.  This is especially true of hair extensions. Brides seem to really be into them.  Have those extensions done long before the wedding so the color will match.

The best time to have coloring done is one to two weeks before the wedding.  Your hair is only going to grow so fast and your natural color won’t show.  How about spending $20 for something that makes a real difference?  Get a gloss on your hair.


Tryouts for hair extensions, colorings, curls or a complete overhaul of your hairstyle aren’t the only things that you need to have time to try again.  You might want to try a different stylist.  It doesn’t matter why.  You might not get along with them like you had hoped or you simply don’t see eye to eye on what looks best.  A pro is going to understand and might even hook you up with someone else that sees things the way you do.


The day before your wedding don’t do deep conditioning on your hair or style it.  Either one will make it harder for your hair pro to do their job.  Besides, you have enough to do already.  Just leave your hair down or if it gets in the way tie it back and occupy yourself with stuff that matters.


By this point, you’ve laid all the groundwork.  You found a pro to take care of your hair, made the trial runs and found the perfect style.  You took yesterday off from worrying about your hair.  Keep the vibe going.  DON’T wash your hair and DON’T style it.  Your natural hair oils are good for your hair.

We’ve all seen the pictures of brides and their entourages wearing button-up jammies.  The reason is, after all that went into that hair you won’t want to wear anything that will wreck it by scraping it when you pull a shirt over it.  That means no t-shirts or hoodies. Idaho has the perfect climate except for when it; hails, snows and the wind blows, starting a sandstorm.  Be prepared to protect your hair from the elements. When it comes time to get everyone’s hair ready for the day, the entourage is first and you are last.  She who’s hair is done last will have hair that lasts the longest.

The way to make your hair a blessing and not a curse at your wedding is to plan ahead with a styling pro you like and agree with.  Take their advice and even lean on them a little bit.  That’s what you’re paying for.