Wedding Spray Tan 101

Imagine, its a week from your wedding day in mid-March and you’re coming out of a brutal winter. The sun has not been able to beat down on your skin for months. The shade of your skin is as pale as your dress. You have two options, go to a tanning bed every day for the next week in hopes that you don’t burn and start pealing on your wedding day or you visit a spray tanning salon once and have a flawless tan that radiates your beauty.

Tanning bed vs Spray tan

  • Tanning beds take time to build up a tan. Multiple sessions are required to even develop a base tan.
  • Tanning bed bulbs vary depending on how new they are. This makes it hard to determine how long you should be staying in the bed.
  • If you do burn, not only is your skin being damaged, your skin is going to peal and that is not what you want to run the risk of on your wedding day.
  • Spray Tanning is non-damaging and safe to apply.
  • One session is enough to get you to the tan that you desire.
  • Spray tans last nearly two weeks. This is not only saving you time but saving your skin from possibly irreversible damage.

Is it safe to get a Spray Tan before your wedding?

  • The short answer is, YES!
  • Give yourself about 3 days before your wedding to ensure the tan doesn’t rub off on your dress.
  • Don’t confuse cosmetic bronzers for a Spray Tan. Spray tans are much more effective.

Worried about turning orange?

  • Don’t be! Spray tanning started roughly a decade ago and has come a long way.
  • New technologies have taken Spray Tanning from the nightmare of turning orange to fully customizable tans.
  • Just like cellphones from a decade ago, Spray Tanning is not the same as when it first started trending.

How do you take care of the tan you just got?

  • First, before you even get your spray tan, you’ll want to make sure you get your waxing, shaving, or anything else you plan on doing that may affect the surface of your skin, done before your spray tan.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated. Not only is hydration key to healthy-looking skin, it will help maintain your tan.
  • Check with your spray tan professional for recommended products. You will want to keep your skin moisturized with spray tan safe products.