Men’s Grooming: A Leading Cause of Divorce

No, it really isn’t but too often have I gone to a wedding and been stunned by how beautiful the bride looks and how disheveled the groom looks. The bride looks like she just stepped out of a magazine, the groom looks like he just landed from a red-eye flight from Shanghai looking for one of the groomsmen that went AWOL for a couple of days. Most people can’t help but wonder how the groom landed such a beauty or what the bride sees in the groom. What men don’t know or even think about on their wedding day is that eyes are on them too. There are standards the groom needs to uphold not just to look great for the love of his life, but to ensure when the couple looks back on their special day and don’t regret how unkempt the groom looks. Fear not men, there is hope that you can look equally, if not slightly better (don’t tell her), than the bride.

When should you get a haircut before your wedding?

  • If you can get it the day of, great! If not, try to get as close to the big day as possible.  This will make your lines ultra sharp and clean.
  • If you don’t get a haircut regularly, don’t do anything drastic. Try more for a trim.  Better yet, experiment and refine your look 6 months before the big day.  This will give you time to really nail it down.
  • If you have longer hair, don’t lob it off! Again, try for just a trim to clean up. After all, your bride likely loves your lushes locks.

Barbershop or Salon?

  • If you have a beard, don’t even think about a salon. Barbershops typically offer specialized beard trims. Don’t go to your wedding looking like Andrew Luck in December!  Think sharp lines.
  • Barbershops specialize in men’s hair, if just for one day, splurge and go with a high-end haircut.
  • Barbershops provide a much more laid back environment. Sit back, relax, and have a drink while you get pampered.

What you can do to maintain the magnificent haircut and beard trim.

  • Don’t use product that claims to be a 2 or 3 in ones.  That is shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  Ask your barber what type of products they recommend for your hair and beard.
  • Beards are much more course than hair.  Therefore products that make hair look amazing are not the same products that make beards amazing. Be aware when choosing your product.
  • For men with longer hair, don’t forget to keep your hair moisturized for better-looking hair.
  • For men with short hair, ask your barber if they recommend high or low shine, and firm or low hold when choosing a styling product.
  • Beard hair is more course than head hair, therefore, keeping it moisturized with some sort of beard oil is a must to keep hair from breaking.

Now imagine, the bride begins her walk down the aisle but no eyes are on her because the groom is looking so fresh. This would never happen but at least the guests aren’t thinking about how out of league the bride is from the groom. The guests are simply enthralled with how beautiful the couple are together and wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness.